Sunday, June 24, 2012

Things with Wings (But Six Legs)

This spring and summer I've been paying more attention to non-bird animals that I come across, particularly butterflies and dragonflies. It's nice to be able to see things that are new to me and that I can't identify at local spots. A couple of recent shots:
Baltimore Checkerspot, a life butterfly that I saw this morning at Daniel Webster Audubon in Marshfield, MA
Another Baltimore
European Skipper, seen on the Greenwich-Stamford Summer Bird Count
Question Mark at the Marshlands Conservancy
American Copper at Daniel Webster Audubon
Blue Dasher at Nuclear Lake in Pawling, NY
Lancet Clubtail, also from Nuclear Lake
Calico Pennant, same location as above
Female Widow Skimmer, also Nuclear Lake
Female Common Whitetail, Marshlands
Harlequin Darner, Daniel Webster
And a damselfly, an Eastern Forktail at Daniel Webster