Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hawk Owl!

Haven't posted in ages, but my sighting today was definitely blog-worthy. A few friends and I are skiing at Stowe, Vermont, but we made a detour on the way up this afternoon to search for the continuing Northern Hawk Owl in Waterbury, Vermont. Contrary to previous reports that talked about how easy the bird was to find, we searched the area for an hour and a half with no luck before Dion, midsentence, spotted the bird in a tree right behind me. We got great looks at the bird swiveled its head all the way around to glare at us with yellow eyes, before flying up to a prominent perch at the top of a tall pine. An absolutely stunning bird.

Incidentally, I have a flickr account now, with some more hawk owl photos, as well as lots from my recent trip to Puerto Rico. Check it out at