Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day Sightings

Snow storms always bring lots of birds to feeders, and this one was not an exception. I finally broke my record of birds at my feeders in a day, and by a lot. There were 16 species today, compared to 12, the previous high. The Red-winged Blackbird and European Starling that showed up with a grackle flock boosted the number, but the best bird was my 50th yard bird, an Eastern Towhee. It dug around in the snow for seeds all day, similar to what it would normally do, albeit with snow instead of leaves. My first attempt at uploading a video onto my blog is below.

Good Birding!

Costa Rica Countdown:8 days

Oh, and I made a slight change to my blog- you can now view my 2009 year list and soon my life list in the sidebar on the right.

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