Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mini-Warblerfest at Marshlands

I had a very good morning of birding at Marshlands this morning, with 11 warblers, a Kestrel, and other migrants, such as Red-eyed Vireo, Baltimore Oriole, Veery, and Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher all making appearences. The undisputed highlight was an adult male GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER (!!) that popped out of a thicket for a few seconds of great looks, a few hours of joyful birding, and what will presumably be a few weeks of bragging about it. It was apparently the first fall record for Marshlands, a life bird for me, and immediately became one of my favorite warblers,  behind the "tricolored triumverate" (it was the best I could think of on the spot) of Blackburnian, Prothonotary, and Cerulean. 

Warblers were:

Magnolia Warbler- 5-8
Chestnut-sided Warbler- 2
Black-and-White Warbler- 6
American Redstart- 12-15
Golden-winged Warbler- 1
Tennesssee Warbler- 1
Northern Parula- 4
Ovenbird- 4
Northern Waterthrush- 1
Canada Warbler- 3
Common Yellowthroat- 10-15

Happy Migration!

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