Friday, May 15, 2009

Glenwood Lake (Deja Vu)

This is (obviously) not my photo. It's from

Having seen some good birds at Glenwood lake earlier this week, I headed back today to see what was there now. I ended up with some good birds, and a good diversity of migrants. 6 wood-warblers, 3 thrushes, and a tanager. The bird of the trip was a male scarlet tanager, the first one I had seen. I had heard them before, but never seen them. The thrushes were Swainson's, Wood, and Veery. The warblers- yellowthroat, yellow, redstart, magnolia, black-and-white, and canada. The redstart was the first male redstart I have seen. Other good birds included spotted sandpiper, chimney swift, and baltimore oriole. 

Here is a hint for the photo quiz, since no one is guessing. It's a type of warbler, and it was seen in may in New York.

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