Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Glenwood Lake

This actually is my picture. Hooray. It helps if the bird is 6 feet away.

Today I decided I would bike to Glenwood Lake, a small wooded area around a pond in the next town over, to see what birds were around. The first bird I saw was a yellowthroat. Good start. Proceeding along the trail, I found catbirds, a black-and-white warbler and a yellow-rumped warbler. Most of these were in the same approximate spot, which had more birds for some reason. I also found a Blackpoll Warbler, which was probably the best bird of the trip there. It was a life bird, sort of. It and 2 other birds on my life list were not definite sighting when I first saw them. In fact, the one time I thought I saw a Blackpoll Warbler, in Acadia last summer, it was actually probably a pine warbler. So I decided that if I didn't find those 3 by the end of the year, I would take them off the list. If I did, the previous uncertain sighting would not count. Therefore, this definite Blackpoll Warbler was a lifer. I also really wanted to see it, because I don't like taking birds off my life list. 

The birds were more scarce after that. Then I found another pocket of birds, including a Swainson's thrush, which was a lifer. It was fairly easy to ID, given how much I have heard about them having buff-colored spectacles. They were fairly obvious here.

I didn't really see any new birds after that, though I did spend about 20 minutes trying to figure out what bird was making the sound I was hearing. I never figured it out. I saw more yellowthroats, catbirds, and one more Swainson's Thrush. 

It was a good hour or so of birding, especially so close to home. I should definitely bird there again soon, if I can't go to Central Park or Prospect Park, at least. 

Good birding,



  1. I think I figured out the bird that was singing and driving me crazy. It was a catbird. Makes sense.

  2. Never mind, it was actually an oriole.