Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Weekend Birds, Bird Gifts, and some Fog

Sunrise at my beach house. ^

My supplies of birding equipment and bird stuff get a huge boost every christmas. This year I got Kingbird Highway, which I already wrote about, the Sibley Guide to Trees, two bird calenders, and, best of all, a new camera. With 12x zoom and 10 megapixels, it is a lot better than my other camera. As a result, most of the photos here are going to be my own, including all here (except for the camera below.)
I spent Christmas weekend at my beach house in Massachusetts, so I spend a fair amount of time birding, especially seawatching, even though the weather was bad.
Observations by day:

Friday- Looked at the ocean for a little across the road from my house. Very cold. Got Scoter, Eiders. That's about it.

Saturday- More Seawatching, same spot. Added White-winged scoter and confirmed surf scoter. Still bad weather.

Sunday- We braved driving rain to go birding. At one spot, I saw red-breasted mergansers, my year common goldeneye, more scoters, eiders, some purple sandpipers, and a possible black guillemot. On the way back, I saw my life Great Cormorant on a dock. Later in the day, I went to duxbury beach. We were buried in fog, but I still found Snow Buntings, "Ispwich" Sparrows, Tree Sparrows, and more eiders.

Snow Buntings- The answer to the quiz below- five in each photo.
The rest are some fog shots:

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