Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some Recent Sightings

I'm doing a project on whether birds can predict storms for a science research class. The 79 birds that were seen the other day immediatly before the storm would seem show that . There were 12 species, which tied the record- species seen at my feeders in a day.

The goldfinches showed up in force (These are 7 of the total 13):

But the best bird was a single Fox Sparrow, a year bird and a yard bird (#49) for me. It was huge in comparison to the house sparrows and white throats.

Tuesday I rode my bike to shore park and glen island, with the idea that there was a very remote possibility of a storm-blown Dovekie, but that obviously didn't happen. The best birds were a Greater Scaup and a buoy that looked exactly like an Ivory Gull from a certain angle.
Okay, maybe that isn't the angle. But trust me, it did. I hope the real one gets this far west. It's near Newport, RI now. (plus one in Georgia)

Also, Ever since seeing this video: I have been really psyched about my impending costa rica trip. I am going to be where that video was taken in about 3 weeks!

Good Birding,


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